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GoBeDo.net provides the most creative use of QR codes on the planet.  

Payment Processing
Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Information: Depending on what you do when you visit any web site, you provide information about your visit to the site's owners. Your visit to GoBeDo.net’s site may provide us with certain statistical information collected on an aggregate basis as you browse the site. We do not use your personal information for any other purpose and we do not sell or distribute it to any third party.

We also capture information that helps us track, among other things, the number of visits to our site, the number of return visits, which pages at the site are visited most often, where visitors were before they linked to our site and the number who leave our site via a link to another site. These statistics are collected through web server logs and cookies, which allow us to trace the paths followed by visitors to our site as they move from one page to another. Cookies do not capture your individual e-mail address or any private information about you.

2. Collection of Personal Information If you make a purchase from GoBeDo.net, you will be providing personal information about yourself or your business to GoBeDo.net. The information provided to us is used only for the purpose of shipping and payment for your order.  If you wish to be included on our mailing list, we will retain that information. We do not sell or share your information with any third party. By providing us with the information, you consent to our use of the information to process your purchase.

When you send us an e-mail to comment on our products or services or to ask a question, we learn your exact e-mail address and any personal information about you that you elect to provide in the e-mail. The information is used only to respond to your communication, but will be stored, along with our reply, in case further communication is necessary or appropriate. Your e-mail address will not be used to send you unsolicited messages or information about GoBeDo, nor will it be sold to anyone else. If your e-mail requested information or other services offered through our site, your e-mail address will be used to provide the requested information or service until it is no longer available or until you affirmatively ask us to stop providing the product or service. We will not use your address to send you unsolicited information, unless it is related to the information or service you requested.

3. Children Gobedo.net does not solicit data from children.

4. Linking to Other Sites Remember that when you link to another site from GoBeDo.net, we do not control the site and our Privacy Statement does not apply to the linked site. Your use of other sites is subject to that site's own Rules of Use and Privacy Statement and you should review them before browsing the site.

Return Policy
Return any unused or defective shirts within 30 days for a full refund.
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